Colorado Residents Debate New Marijuana Bill

"You're telling these people, 'Here is a Reese's peanut butter (cup) look-alike. It's got 100 milligrams of THC in it. Cut it into 10 pieces,'" said Meg Collins, an executive at Good Chemistry, a Denver-based chain of marijuana shops.

COLORADO:  Now that legalized marijuana has begun to make the rounds throughout the country, it is probably time we start looking into the various degrees of regulation. In Colorado, though, the sale of the stuff is a great controversy because it goes against an initial order to regulate the appearance of edible pot products in a safe and reasonable way.

Now there is a new bill that might change all that.

“That’s a threat to our kids’ well-being and it’s not good enough,” reports Colorado Springs U.S. Senator Owen Hill, who supports the 2014 law now passing through the Senate. He continues, “Our desire is that you can tell outside of the packaging. That our kids can tell the difference between marijuana-infused M&Ms and regular M&Ms. That our kids can tell just by looking at them, between marijuana-infused lemon drops and regular lemon drops.”

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