Colorado lawmakers debate tighter marijuana laws

COLORADO: On Thursday, state lawmakers will hold a hearing on the first in a series of bills aimed at adjusting the laws that regulate legalized marijuana in Colorado.

State lawmakers passed hundreds of pages of new laws to regulate marijuana before legal sales started this year, with a general desire to regulate pot like alcohol.

But, they missed some things last year.

“If you present a fake ID at a liquor store, try to buy alcohol, the liquor store has the authority to seize the fake ID and hold you for a few minutes while they call the police,” Rep. Daniel Kagan (D-Cherry Hills Village) said. “Not so in marijuana, and that struck me as illogical and wrong.”

Kagan wants to give pot shops that same power.  His bill (HB 1122) also toughens the penalty for stores that sell pot to minors, to match penalties for selling alcohol to people under 21.

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