Colorado AG: Home Hash Oil Production Is Illegal

production of hash oil

COLORADO:  Colorado’s top law enforcement official says manufacturing high-potency marijuana oil is not legal under the state’s first-in-the-nation recreational marijuana law.

State Attorney General John Suthers wrote in a court brief Tuesday that the law prohibits the dangerous production of hash oil, which has caused a number of fiery explosions and injuries this year as pot users try to make it at home. Some prosecutors have been charging individual hash-oil creators with felonies, while others have not pursued criminal charges at all.

Suthers filed a brief in response to a western Colorado man’s contention that Mesa County prosecutors improperly charged him with a crime for manufacturing hash oil. An attorney for Eugene Christenson argued in a court filing that the substance is legal under Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana.

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    it would be nice to know what portion of Amendment 64 prohibits or forbids hash-oil production, and wouldn’t Amendment 20 (medicinal bill) have precedence over a recreational bill?

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