Clackamas County Commissioners Approve Draft Marijuana Ordinance

OREGON: Clackamas County commissioners approved a draft ordinance that would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries in a policy session Tuesday, March 10.

The ordinance calls for dispensaries to have minimum setbacks of 2,500 feet from neighboring dispensaries; 2,000 feet from schools; 1,500 feet from light rail transit stops, libraries, parks, treatment centers, adult foster care locations, public housing and state liquor stores; 500 feet from licensed childcare facilities; and 100 feet from residentially zoned property that does not front a state highway or major arterial road.

At the request of commissioner Paul Savas, commissioners approved a last-minute amendment extending the 2,500 feet dispensary setback to potential future recreational dispensaries, instead of just concerning medical dispensaries.

The regulations mostly allow dispensaries in small patches around Gladstone, Milwaukie and Clackamas Town Center, and would only allow for one more dispensary on McLoughlin Boulevard, where two currently operate and a third recently closed, according to the county.

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