City Taking Six Months To Set Rules For Medical Marijuana

NEVADA: Medical marijuana is legal in Nevada, but people who use it aren’t allowed to buy the drug. They can grow a small amount for themselves.

City of Las Vegas leaders voted to spend the next six months researching what it would take to bring medical marijuana dispensaries to the Las Vegas valley.

There are no regulations in place, so far, to set up dispensaries legally.

While the authorities work out the details, some medical marijuana users are pushing to get the ball rolling.

Jennifer Solis lives in a world of chronic pain after tearing her Achilles tendon. The problem is made worse by the fact that she says, regular medications just don’t work for her.

“I immediately started going into anaphylactic shock and that is the most severe type of allergic reaction,” Solis said.

She is pushing both city and state leaders to open dispensaries, a place she can buy medical marijuana legally not just grow her own.

However, city council members say it is not that easy.

“Have patience with us because that is what we’re trying to do,” City Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian told the crowd of dispensary supporters at Wednesday’s city council meeting.

City council members say they are open to allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, but it is more than just allowing those businesses to come in.

“We can’t just throw it out there and think it is going to work. We have to get it done right,” City Councilman Steven Ross said.

City Attorney Brad Jerbic says Las Vegas has nothing in place, no zoning and no licensing regulations and no fees.

That is why the council needs the next six months to research everything about dispensaries.

“I think you need to look very seriously at where you’re going to put it, how many you’re going to allow, what the distance is going to be,” Jerbic said.

Jerbic says in that time, city council will be looking to other cities that allow dispensaries for guidance, a move lobbyist Max Del Real, who worked on similar marijuana ordinances in Sacramento, says makes sense.

“Las Vegas, if she is smart, is not going to borrow, but steal when it comes to governmental practices and local regulations,” Del Real said.

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