Cattaraugus County NY Board Of Health Not High On Medicinal Marijuana

NEW YORK: Members of the Cattaraugus County Board of Health made known their disapproval of an Assembly bill that would allow the use of medical marijuana at their Dec. 10 meeting.

“We reject this bill,” County Public Health Director Dr. Kevin Watkins said, acknowledging pros and cons of the proposed law. “The use of medical marijuana has not been proven by the FDA as viable over other treatments, and there are federal laws in place to prohibit its use.”

While Watkins stood firm on the disapproval of the bill, Dr. Gil Witte, a member of the health board, as well as a member of the Olean Medical Group, said that the uses of medical marijuana seem to have some benefit for some patients.

“It is difficult to write a law that ensures that the use is properly enforced and not abused,” he said. “How do you put into law a bill that makes sure it works the right way?”

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