Blaine WA City Council Approves Rules For Recreational Pot Businesses

WASHINGTON:  The City Council has set rules for marijuana growers, processors and retailers who want to do business in Blaine in keeping with Washington state’s legalization of pot for recreational use.

“It’s fairly straightforward in following state law. It reinforces the state standards as local standards,” said Michael Jones, community development director for Blaine.

The City Council approved the measure Monday, Nov. 25, with Bonnie Onyon the lone no vote.

Blaine will allow growing and processing facilities in areas zoned for manufacturing. Stores will be allowed in places zoned for retail.

Although regulations from the state Liquor Control Board allow marijuana to be grown indoors as well as outside, the city is limiting growing operations to indoor facilities.

“Growing marijuana outdoors in Blaine would be illegal,” Jones said.

The council kept growing operations indoor for greater security and because securing an outdoor grow could mean tall fences and barbed wire, Jones explained.

“We don’t want that,” he said.

Because Blaine is a northern-border town, discussions in the run-up to the City Council approval focused on complications given that marijuana is still classified as an illegal drug under federal law.

Specifically, could there be problems because federal agents man the border?


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