Bill Allowing Medical Marijuana Sales In Pharmacies Passes Michigan Senate

MICHIGAN: A bill that would allow for the growing and sale of pharmaceutical grade marijuana at pharmacies in Michigan passed the state Senate Wednesday on a 22-16 vote.

The bill was lauded by supporters as a way to guarantee a safe, tested product for medical marijuana users. But opponents said it did nothing to address shortfalls in Michigan’s current medical marijuana law and would outsource production from home growers to out-of-state corporations.

“Why are we spending taxpayer time and resources for an out-of-state corporate constituent who may or may not come to the state,” said Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing. “ And we’re not doing squat for anything to help current constituents who can not access medical marijuana.”

The bill was supported in committee last week by Chuck Perricone, who represents Prarie Plant Systems, a Canadian company that grows and sells pharmaceutical cannabis. It was opposed by many who support the original medical marijuana law.

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