At Issue: Wisconsin Medical Marijuana

WISCONSIN: In a nutshell: Current Wisconsin law prohibits a person from possessing, manufacturing or distributing marijuana.

This bill (AB480, SB363) creates a medical use defense to marijuana-related prosecutions and fines, and prohibits the arrest or prosecution of people who are registered with the Department of Health Services (DHS) and have certain debilitating medical conditions or treatments.

People who are registered could possess 12 marijuana plants and 3 ounces of marijuana leaves or flowers. They would be prohibited from operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery or engaging in any other conduct that endangers the health or well being of another person while under the influence of marijuana.The bill requires DHS to establish a registry for people who use marijuana for medical use. People may apply for a registry identification card for a fee of not more than $150. A registry identification card is generally valid for two years and may be renewed.

The bill also requires DHS to license and regulate nonprofit corporations, known as compassion centers, that distribute marijuana.

It also requires DHS to register entities as testing laboratories to test marijuana for contaminants, research findings on the use of medical marijuana and provide training on safe and efficient cultivation, harvesting, packaging, labeling and distribution of marijuana, security and inventory accountability and research on medical marijuana.

This bill changes state law regarding marijuana. It does not affect federal law, which generally prohibits persons from manufacturing, delivering or possessing marijuana.

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