Ark. AG rejects proposed marijuana ballot title

Arkansas AG rejects MJ proposal

ARKANSAS- Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has rejected a proposal to ask voters to end a prohibition on marijuana.

McDaniel rejected the proposal this week, saying it contains ambiguities.

The proposal from Arkansans for Medical Cannabis calls for an amendment to the state Constitution that declares cannabis to be an agricultural commodity, medicinal product and intoxicant.

McDaniel’s opinion says that group previously submitted three similar measures, which the attorney general’s office rejected.

McDaniel this year also has rejected the wording of a proposed initiated act by another group called Arkansans for Compassionate Care. That group that campaigned for a medical marijuana initiative that voters rejected last year.

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  1. bobby ensey says

    you know this is bull shit some ppl need this if the AG get’s where he needs this it be a diffrent ball game my mother died from cancer lost weight so bad from not eatting and this would have helped so i feel it is a GOD given right not up to some ass hole living in a book or a captiol building should be up to the ppl not some one in a office

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