Alaska Medical marijuana provider busted again

ALASKA: The owner of a medical marijuana service was busted for a second time this year after visiting the Alaska State Trooper Post in Palmer while free on bail from felony marijuana charges. Troopers say 43-year-old Adrienne L. Schenfele was leaving the parking lot of the Palmer cop shop after attempting to retrieve property. Schenfele was driving a BMW sedan and a trooper stopped her for failing to use a turn signal and driving onto the street without stopping.

Troopers say Schenfele, who already faces 13 felonies for marijuana offenses stemming from a bust in April, had about 9.5 lbs of marijuana products, almost $15,000 in cash and a gun inside the BMW. Troopers say marijuana brownies, cookies, hashish oil and gel capsules—all containing THC— were inside the car and allege all of the products were intended for sale.

Schenfele is the owner of Sugar Green, a company with a web site offering to deliver marijuana products to patients who are registered with the state under Alaska’s medical marijuana law. In 1998, Alaska became one of the first states to pass a medical marijuana law, and voters decriminalized weed for people with a doctor’s prescription. However, in the years since the law passed, the state has done little to allow patients to legally obtain the drug. The law, as passed in 1998, limits patients to one ounce or less. It also limits patients to six live plants, only three of which can be flowering. The law allows a designated caregiver to grow marijuana on behalf of a patient, but caregivers and patients are prohibited from selling the drug. They are allowed to transport it only if it remains in sealed containers and is not displayed in public.

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