Adam For Sheriff

My name is Michael (Adam) Assenberg, pronounced (ACE-N-BERG).

The year 1985 changed my life forever.  I was working as a security guard, saving money so I could afford to go to the L.A. Police Academy. But that was to never be — as I was attacked on the job, as I was guarding a mine in Corona, California.

Some crooks wanted to steal dynamite, and I got in their way.  For doing so, I was attacked with a baseball bat,  pushed 15 feet off a bridge onto boulders, and left for dead.

It has taken me over 25 years to get back to where I could once more protect the public. During that time, I have been a patient using cannabis. I was run out of public housing for being a legal medical marijuana patient. I took my fight to court, serving as my own lawyer.

I used to run a public access radio show called, “Marijuana Fact or Fiction,” where I had doctors, former law enforcement and many others guest experts on my show. It was during this time that  I dug heavily into both state and federal law in my efforts to find a way of fighting a federal government gone crazy.

Over the years, I have found many medical marijuana dispensaries that were doing right by patients, but also many that were selling marijuana with mold, or other issues. I have also witnessed law enforcement gone wild with dispensary raids.   In 2011, I decided to open my own dispensary,  Compassion 4 Patients, to “set a trap” for the feds.

Instead of the feds raiding me, the local sheriff (Brett Myers) fell into my “trap,” and on January 4, 2013, I won my case.  I went back to court the following week, and got the Judge to order the sheriff to return my cannabis and everything else taken in the raid.

During my fight in court, I discovered that a sheriff has the legal power to arrest DEA agents, but this is not done due to our  system of ‘Policing for Profit’.

It is time for the local sheriff to once again be an “oath keeper” to the people that place him/her in office, instead of working for a federal system that is under the control of big business.

As sheriff, I would arrest DEA agents that violated the rights of patients and providers. I will focus on property crimes. People living in apartment buildings tell me that often “landlords” do nothing about troublemakers because those landlords want to keep their units full, so the “all mighty dollar” can be made.

As sheriff, I would push to have these types of apartments listed as “nuisance property”, blocking the landlord from making his money until he took care of the trouble.

I would also see to it that records of your tax moneys were kept, to show where your money was being spent. And, I would hold public meetings once a month to stay on top of any trouble spots.

I am just one man. But if all of us reading this just stand united behind these issues, what a force for change we could make.

Because of my false arrest, I have a case pending in the court system for six million dollars. Only part of the lawsuit is for the raid; the other part of the lawsuit is for violating my right to address my first line of government when my State rights were violated.

Here is the letter telling me that I could NOT ask the county why a state sheriff can use tax money to violate my rights under I-692.

letter telling me that I could NOT ask the county why a state sheriff can use tax money to violate my rights under I-692.

The handwritten letter telling me that I could NOT ask the county why a state sheriff can use tax money to violate my rights under I-692.

You will note in the letter that the people running my county would not honor my question, and would even use the same sheriff who attacked me to block my right to speak at an open meeting.

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Or call me at 509-288-4799.

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