Polling by UC Berkeley Shows Nearly 2:1 Voting Support Passing Proposition 64 in California

CALIFORNIA: Polling by UC Berkeley recently showed near two-to-one (2:1) support in the state of California for Proposition 64 passing. Cannabis Science is moving full-steam ahead to expand their product line, increasing the new products for launch. The Company has shored up the infrastructure to handle distribution capabilities to large client base.

9 More States looking to Vote Yes to Legalizing or Medicinal Usage

Voters in five states — California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada — will decide whether to fully legalize and regulate marijuana. They would join Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon, states that already allow using marijuana for recreational purposes. Voters in another four states — Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas — will decide whether to approve marijuana for medical use. They’d join the list of 25 states and the District of Columbia that have approved medical marijuana.

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