The Wink In Weed: Eating High On The Healing Hog (And Heifer)

Move over Slim Jim

Anyone paying attention knows that Slim Jim has lots of company on the grocery store shelves these days.  Jerky and meat snacks — high in protein, low in calories – are gaining popularity as a healthy snack alternative to greasy potato chips.  In fact, Nielsen research company reports that Americans consumed more than $2.8 billion of jerky last year.

Now, thanks to the clever chefs at Humboldt FarmAssist, cannabinoid-hungry consumers can satisfy their paleo passions with a full line of CBD-infused jerky products. Healing Hog CBD-Infused Bacon Jerky and Healing Heifer CBD-Infused Beef Jerky come in a variety of flavors – including Peppered Orange Teriyaki, Western Barbeque, Haunting Heat and Jalapeno.   Each one ounce bag is an individual serving, with a total of 50mg cannabidiol from hemp.

They even make Smoky Sriracha CBD-Infused Beef Jerky bits, perfect for adding to soups, stews and salads.  The munchies may never be the same.

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