Tennessee Farmers Seeing Mixed Results With Industrial Hemp Pilot Program

TENNESSEE:  Some farmers have seen mixed results with the state’s industrial hemp pilot program. According to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, this is the first time in more than 70 years that farmers can grow hemp legally.

Elias Rasmussen is one of 50 farmers involved in the pilot program. He’s not your average farmer and says there were moments he thought he was going to lose everything.

“I was very emotional because it rained here several days consecutively and part of my driveway washed out even part of the field had standing water and I thought ‘oh no, this is the end,’” said Rasmussen.

He planted about 50 pounds of hemp seeds and has been pretty successful. He’s in the middle of harvesting thousands of seeds from his hemp plants.

Elias Rasmussen
Elias Rasmussen

Other farmers didn’t have as much luck. Another hemp farmer from Athens said he planted about the same amount of hemp seeds and only ended up with about an ounce worth.

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