North Carolina Farmers Free To Grow Hemp Again

Back in 1900, hemp was the biggest crop in the state, Price said.

NORTH CAROLINA: While cooking oil was the main topic of Dean Price’s presentation to the school board, another key component to biofuel would be the growth of farm crops that could supply fresh oil.

Price said two products that could be grown here in North Carolina are canola and hemp.

Back in 1900, hemp was the biggest crop in the state, Price said. Then in the 1930s, confusion over the differences between hemp and its cousin marijuana led to laws outlawing hemp.

The component in marijuana that produces a high is known at tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While that plant has a good amount of THC, hemp has only a trace in its leaves.


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    Yes, everything I have read here today is the truth. I have done much research into Hemp and it is a wonderful plant. God given to humans for herbal help and so many other uses. North Carolina is smart and other States should follow. It helps my 4th stage kidney failure and that is why we started our online business.

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