Husband And Wife Each Running For Congress In Virginia

VIRGINIA:  Dr. Ken and Elaine Hildebrandt made Virginia history this year as the first husband and wife on the ballots for Congress. Ken is running in the 5th district, as he did in 2012, and Elaine is running in the 6th. As Chris Hurst, news anchor at WDBJ7 recently reported, “The main plank in their platform, industrial hemp.”

The Hildebrandts favor industrial hemp as the economic shot in the arm our nation and Virginia needs now. Hemp was called a “NEW BILLION-DOLLAR CROP” in the February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine and has been estimated to be over a trillion dollar crop now, yet it‘s illegal. Hemp can be used to make over 25,000 products including fuel (enough to lower our dependence on foreign oil and perhaps even eliminate it entirely), food, fiber and medicine. The Hildebrandts say we need to stop outlawing solutions, particularly enormous ones like this.

Regarding hemp’s cousin marijuana, the Hildebrandts point out that when law enforcement are busy chasing over ¾ of a million people for plant possession each year that means more real criminals will be at large as a result, which is simple deductive reasoning. They claim statistics back this up, with only 1 of 10 getting away with murder in the US in the 60s, whereas now it’s over 1 of 3. They also invite people to check out LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, established in 2002, to demonstrate they’re hardly alone in their views regarding this issue.

Elaine and Ken bring up other simple yet profound solutions via their campaign sites.
Neither campaign is asking for contributions of money they say few can afford but rather contributions of effort asking others to pass on word of their campaigns. The Hildebrandts both feel they will have very good chances of winning if included in the debate(s). Should not all candidates on the ballot be included so voters can make informed decisions, they ask.


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