Hemp: Your New Secret Beauty Ingredient

Hemp seed oil, the beauty wonder used for thousands of years for it’s beautifying properties, is poised to solve your beauty woes.

Lately hemp seed oil has been all the rage and has caught our attention.  It’s not new – in fact – people have been using it and enjoying its practical miracle benefits for (literally) thousands of years.

Sure, we know what you’re thinking…isn’t that the stuff some smoke?  NO.  Hemp seed oil has less than 1% of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis), so no matter how hard you try, when you use hemp oil, you won’t “catch a buzz” or “get the munchies.”


The beauty of hemp seed is that it is rich in healthy fatty acids (omega 3 and 6) which naturally moisturize and sooth your skin.  The hemp seed oil extraction is the special sauce, providing a wonderful, natural, and very beneficial cosmetic ingredient due to the high concentration of essential fatty acids.


1. Hemp Kicks Your Moisturizer’s Butt

Hemp oil is the stuff that literally penetrates your skin, allowing the hemp infused moisturizer work it’s magic from the inside out, moisturizing and renewing your skin.  Your average moisturizer may make your skin appear better, but it’s only hitting the surface. Bonus:  hemp oil won’t clog your pores either.

2. Hemp – The Secret to Anti-Aging

“The natural oils in hemp beauty products can truly help you get rid of the wrinkles, lines and dull skin that you already have,” say 3fatchicks.com.  As a result, your skin becomes firmer and younger.”

3. Repair Your Hair With Hemp

3fatchicks.com says, “Hempseed oil repairs your hair in much the same way that it moisturizes your skin – by healing from within. Hemp shampoos and other hair care products works deep into your scalp to give you healthier hair.”

4. It’s All About the Fat (fatty acids that is)

The hemp seed plant (and the seeds from which the oil is derived) “contains some of the most balanced and richest sources of oils on the planet,” according to naturalnews.com.

With its perfectly balanced blend of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, “hemp seed oil contains 80 percent essential fatty acids, the highest of any plant,” says naturalnews.com


Known for it’s healing power and anti-aging properties, thanks to the to high concentration of essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil is used in a wide range of beauty products including soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hand creams, shower gels, massage oils, lip balms and moisturizing body lotions.

Long time champions of integrating natural or sustainable ingredients in their products, both Aveda and The Body Shop offer products that include rich botanicals.  Indie brand Kush has an assortment of hemp oil based creams worth trying in scents that range from sweet to savory.

Here, hemp-infused products that are on our radar:


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