Hemp Seeds Could Be In Kentucky Hands By weekend

KENTUCKY:  Federal officials could release a 250-pound shipment of hemp seeds to Kentucky by the end of the week, according to a spokeswoman for Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer.

The shipment arrived in Louisville last week, but the Drug Enforcement Agency told Comer his department would have to apply for a Schedule I controlled substance researcher license to gain possession it, which could take five months, said Holly Harris VonLuehrte, Comer’s chief of staff.

But on Tuesday, the agency backed off as Comer threatened legal action in federal court, VonLuehrte said. The DEA told Comer that his department would still need a permit but the application process could be expedited, she said.

VonLuehrte said Tuesday evening that Kentucky officials could have the seeds, which were shipped from Italy, by the end of the week.

“We started to rattle the cage,” she said of Tuesday’s discussions with the DEA.

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