Hemp Crop Takes Root In Kentucky

Kentucky's first hemp crop takes root.

KENTUCKY:  A month after the seeds for Kentucky’s first legal hemp crop were released to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, hundreds of leafy plants are growing in research fields across Kentucky.

After initial fears that government holdups on delivering the seed would limit growers’ ability to get a good crop, seeds were released and planted around Memorial Day — beating a June 1 mark set by the Kentucky organizers of new trials to avoid significantly reduced yields.

Holly VonLuehrte, a spokeswoman for the state agriculture department said initial growing reports are good — shoulder high already in at least one location — and those assessments are echoed by two of the growers interviewed.

“The research will show that this is a crop that grows well in Kentucky, but particularly well out west at least thus far,” VonLuehrte said. “All indications are it’s not just doing well,” it’s doing “extremely well.”


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  1. Charles Waller says

    Hemp cannabis & CBD (cannabidiol) are only
    part of the picture, but a great start in the “Blue Grass” state. We
    need to keep writing the newspapers and informing people about the
    facts, such as GW Pharmaceutical’s products Sativex & Epidiolex.
    While Epidiolex is reportedly THC-free, Sativex comes in a range of THC
    content for treatment of different conditions. Sativex is currently in
    phase 3 clinical trials for multiple uses, and waiting final FDA
    approval. People need to be informed that Sativex is whole plant
    cannabis extract in alcohol, with propylene glycol added. The alcohol
    facilitates the patented pump spray deliver system, it has no medicinal
    value or purpose. The propylene glycol is added to extend shelf life, it
    has no medicinal value or purpose. Both added ingredients may cause
    adverse side effect, from allergic reactions to oral ulcers from the
    alcohol content.
    “We, the people…” must demand restoration of the
    constitutionally guaranteed rights to cultivate, possess and consume a
    beneficial plant for personal use on private property. The pump spray
    for Sativex is not necessary. The propylene glycol used to extend shelf
    life would not be needed if all citizens had access to locally produced
    cannabinoid based medicine. There is absolutely no valid reason a UK
    based corporation can present a phytocannabinoid medication for FDA
    approval while private citizens are still being persecuted, prosecuted
    and incarcerated for cultivation, possession and consumption of the most
    productive, prolific and beneficial plant known to humankind.
    Especially while the US DHHS has held patent #6630507, Cannabinoids as
    Anti-oxidants and Neuro-protectants, since 2003 and cannabinoid based
    medicinal products are being legally produced in this country under that
    patent licensed by National Institutes of Health Office of Technology
    Transfer (NIH-OTT) to KannaLife Sciences, Inc.. In what sane world does
    the federal government patent and license a Schedule 1 substance for
    which it persecutes, prosecutes and incarcerates patients, caregivers,
    dispensaries and private citizens who are compliant under state laws?
    Wake up, people! As Dr. Sanjay Gupta said on Piers Morgan’s show: (from
    CNN website, transcripts)
    DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

    MORGAN: So, you’ve been looking at this for a year. And I want to
    remind you that in 2009, you wrote a “Time Magazine” article entitled
    “Why I Would Vote No On Pot.” You changed your mind?
    GUPTA: I — I
    have. And — and — and as part of the, you know, my thinking, recently,
    I have apologized for some of the earlier reporting because I think,
    you know, we’ve been terribly and systematically misled in this country
    for some time.
    And I — I was — I did part of that misleading. You
    know, if — if you’re looking at all the papers that are written in the
    United States about marijuana, the vast majority of them are about the
    We fund studies on harm. We don’t fund studies on benefit
    nearly as much. So it gives a distorted picture. But you know, I didn’t
    look far enough.
    I didn’t look deep enough. I didn’t look at labs in
    other countries that are doing some incredible research. I didn’t
    listen to the (course of[?]) patients who said, not only does marijuana
    work for me, it’s the only thing that works for me.
    I took the DEA
    at their word when they said that [it is a] schedule one substance and
    has no medical applications. There was no scientific basis for them to
    say that.”

    Amazing! After doing his own research, Dr. Gupta
    came to the same conclusion as the “Shafer” commission in 1972, and as
    DEA Administrative Law Judge Francis Young concluded in his 1988 ruling
    against the DEA refusal to reschedule or remove cannabis from Schedule 1
    classification. Prohibition is, and has always been, a lie intended to
    protect the profits of vested interests threatened by this easily
    cultivated source of renewable resources, nutritious food, safe
    effective non-toxic medicine and “intoxication” with no risk of physical
    addiction or fatal overdose. How many lives has cannabis prohibition
    cost? How much liberty has been unconstitutionally deprived by
    enforcement of cannabis prohibition? How many lives have been ruined by
    the lies of cannabis prohibition? Cannabis prohibition must end now,
    before the life of one more innocent person is ruined or lost. If for no
    other reason, because there are children suffering and dying due to
    lack of access to cannabinoid based medicine.

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