Feds Should Legalize Hemp Farming, Too

CONNECTICUT:  Federal authorities are way behind the bush on dealing with hemp, but an increasing number of states, now including Connecticut, have it right.

The General Assembly passed a bill this spring that legalizes industrial hemp. Hemp can now be grown, used and sold here. This is good news, because hemp is a remarkably versatile agricultural product, but it comes with a major caveat — it is still illegal under federal law. Should an enterprising Connecticut farmer plant a field of industrial hemp, federal agents could swoop in and pull up the (harmless) plants.

This is idiotic. Industrial hemp should be legal, period.

Hemp has been grown for centuries. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew it; it is one of mankind’s oldest cultivated crops. It has thousands of uses, from food, clothing and paper to body oil, horse bedding and biomass energy.

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