Farm Bureau Passes Policy Urging Removal Of Industrial Hemp Classification as controlled substance

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The national, single-issue, non-profit advocacy group Vote Hemp applauds the new resolution on industrial hemp that was adopted by delegates of the American Farm Bureau Federation at its 95th annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas last week, Jan. 14.

The policy resolution urges the repeal of the classification of industrial hemp as a controlled substance. The effort was lead by the Indiana Farm Bureau. The resolution, which falls under the “we oppose” category, reads:

The classification of industrial hemp as a controlled substance.”

The Farm Bureau previously had passed a policy resolution supporting industrial hemp research in 1995, which read:

“We recommend that [the] American Farm Bureau Federation encourage research into the viability and economic potential of industrial hemp production in the United States.  We further recommend that such research includes planting test plots in the United States using modern agricultural techniques.”

The AFBF position in favor of decriminalizing industrial hemp cultivation is an auspicious boon to the hemp legalization movement, as currently the House version of the Farm Bill contains an amendment to legalize university research on industrial hemp in states that have removed barriers to the crop’s production.


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