Congress Warms Up To Research On Hemp

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Hemp is a big winner in the new farm bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.

While Congress has shown little interest in legalizing marijuana, members are warming up to industrial hemp, pot’s nonintoxicating sister plant.

For the first time, the farm bill would allow nine states – including Kentucky and California – to use hemp for research and academic purposes.

After two years of feuding over food stamps and farm subsidies, the House voted 251-166 to pass the sweeping bill, sending it to the Senate for a final vote later this week. It would then go to President Barack Obama to sign.

Legalizing hemp, even on a limited basis, would give new ammunition to pro-marijuana supporters, who want to scrap the federal ban against pot. Both are classified as controlled substances, long prohibited by Congress. 

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