Conflict remains between states' and federal law over hemp production

Farmers are ready to start growing hemp, but federal law still bans it.

VERMONT: Some Vermont farmers want to plant hemp now that the state has set up rules to grow it.

But some advocates for a free market of industrial hemp say they’d be risking their farms because federal law doesn’t allow them to cultivate the crop that’s a cousin of marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana share the same species — cannabis sativa. But hemp contains a negligible amount of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

The plant once was legally grown in the U.S. and used to make rope, fabric and other products.

But now under federal law, all cannabis plants — including hemp — fall under the marijuana label so farmers could get into trouble for growing it.


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  1. Jerry Bierens says

    That’s why we need the president to remove hemp from the schedule 1, dangerous drugs since it doesn’t have enough THC to classify it as a drug. I know big oil and big pharm are dead set against the legalization because it would potentially cut into their profits and that is exactly why we need this to get done ASAP.

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