Colorado’s First Legal Hemp Harvest Since 1957 Is Underway

Marijuana and hemp growers duke it out in Oregon Legislature

COLORADO:  Boosters of industrial hemp often fondly refer to the plant as a wonder crop, usable in everything from building materials to batteries to breakfast cereal. Since Colorado voters legalized both hemp and marijuana with the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012, hemp advocates have been buzzing about the state’s promise as a manufacturing hub for this dizzying array of products. Yet even as Colorado farmers make history this fall with the first legal commercial hempharvest on U.S. soil in 57 years, it’s unlikely that much of their bounty will go toward the plant’s diverse list of potential uses.

Instead, hobbled by a longstanding federal ban on shipping hemp seed across state lines, most Colorado hemp farmers are squirreling away their seed supply, using this year’s harvest as a source of next year’s supply in an attempt to vastly increase planted acreage in 2015 with Colorado-grown seed stock.

“In an ideal world we’d grow between 1,500 and 2,000 acres of hemp next year, said J.R. Knaub, a 37-year-old farmer in the northeastern Colorado town of Sterling who has been growing corn, sugar beets and alfalfa for the last 20 years and this year planted around 2 acres of hemp. “But getting seed will be the biggest task we have to conquer.”


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  1. chris says

    the photo used in this article is not hemp..
    that’s because there are flowers on these plants.
    why does that matter, you ask?
    it makes the paper (and writer) look like they
    know what they’re talking about and that lends
    itself to credibility. if you think i’m the only person
    that noticed, think again. i’m probably just the
    only person that cared enough to write :)

    • says

      Chris — Problem with your note is that you are wrong. This is hemp. Hemp does flower, and its seeds, when harvested, are good for all sorts of things. This photo of Hemp agriculture in Colorado is by Billy Allegar Iwant2shootu@instagram

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