Air Force Warns Washington Airmen To Say No To Hemp Foods & Beer

WASHINGTON: In a post on the Joint Base Lewis-McChord website, 62nd Airlift Wing assistant staff judge advocate Capt. Christine Kugele warns troops to just say no to hemp:

Last year’s passing of Washington State Initiative 502 legalized marijuana under certain circumstances within the state. This has sparked innovation by some business owners around the state to find new applications for hemp. One example is using hemp seed to brew beer.

Airmen stationed here should be hesitant of these innovations regarding the ingestion of products that contain or are derived from hemp seeds or hemp oil.

In order to ensure military readiness, ingestion of any products containing or derived from hemp seed or hemp oil is prohibited. This prohibition includes ingesting products that claim to have removed all traces of THC from their product

Failure to comply with these AFI provisions is a violation of Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Additionally, detection of THC in a urinalysis may violate Article 112(a) of the UCMJ. Some products derived from hemp seed or hemp oil may not state such content explicitly on the label. All Airmen should be diligent in reading the ingredients on any product they believe may contain hemp.

Despite Washington’s I-502 passage, the use of marijuana by service members remains a violation of the UCMJ and federal law. Any use or ingestion could lead to prosecution.

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