2 Million Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia

2 Million Wild Cannabis Plants Destroyed in Southern Russia

RUSSIA:  Some would call it a mega buzz kill.

Eighteen tons of wild cannabis, or about two million plants, have been mowed down and destroyed in southern Russia as part of an ongoing campaign to uproot cannabis in the country, the Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) said Monday.

The plants were growing on three hectares (7.4 acres) of land belonging to an agriculture college in the Konstantinovsky district of the Rostov Region, the regional FSKN branch said in a statement.

Wild cannabis grows in abundance in southern and central Russia, the heartland of a once-thriving hemp industry. Unlike marijuana from Central Asia or India, Russian cannabis contains very little THC, the main psychoactive compound. However, it is technically possible to get high from the plants by extracting and processing parts of them.

Read full article @ RIA Novosti


  1. Brown Sugar says

    This is just crazy to destroy all of these plants. Russia is just hurting themselves on this . Marijuana has more cures than any thing I have ever seen or heard about.

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