Washington State Cannabis Industry: Sun Grown Symposium July 17

WASHINGTON: The Liquor Control Board (LCB) officially approved outdoor growing for I-502 stakeholders in its July 3rd revisions to the draft rules. Whether you are a producer, processor, or retailer, and whether or not you plan to grow indoors or outdoors, we encourage you to attend our Sun Grown Symposium on July 17 to learn about the legality, feasibility, and policies regarding outdoor cannabis growing.

Outdoor growing could change economies of scale, environmental impacts, and industry development, and all of these could impact your cannabis business.

This symposium will give you insight into various commercial plans and logistics for outdoor growers and provide a unique opportunity to question members of the LCB on why they chose to permit outdoor growing and the role they see for sun grown cannabis. LCB speakers will also touch on outdoor growing security and traceability issues.

Attendees will be updated on the current and potential positions of the federal government on outdoor grows and on state and local governments’ plans to manage outdoor growing operations in their communities.

Speakers at the symposium include Alison Holcomb, parent author of I-502 and Director of Drug Policy at the ACLU; Sharon Foster, LCB Director; Randy Simmons, one of the LCB’s lead staffers on I-502; Washington State Representative Joel Kretz; and Jeremy Moberg, President of the Okanogan Cannabis AssociationHilary Bricken, attorney with the Canna Law Group, will moderate.

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