Tommy Chong Will Headline Washington Cannabis Summit on Friday 1/9

WASHINGTON:  Cannabis mega-celebrity Tommy Chong will be headling the Washington Cannabis Summit this Friday, January 9th, 2015.  The stoner activist will be in town to  announce the formation of “2015 Cannabis Project,” which is being launched at the summit.

Tommy Chong will be making a special appearance at a press conference  arranged by C&C Cannabis of Seattle, to take place Friday at 1:30 at at the Pioneer Building, 600 1st Ave, Suite 304.

According to a company press release, the goals of “2015 Cannabis Project” will be:

– To secure Washington State and Seattle as socially responsible leaders in the legal cannabis industry.

– Setting long-term strategies to position Washington State and Seattle as completive contributors to this new industry.

– Guiding other states at replacing prohibition with a system of taxation and regulation.

– Making sure that marketing, advertising and sales does not target minors. Launch programs building public awareness of safe and responsible consumption like was created in the beer industry in the past three decades.

– Create environmentally friendly techniques to grow and process cannabis products including the use of clean solar and hydro power sources.

“If marijuana were taxed similarly to alcohol and tobaccos is now nationally we can help generate billions annually in tax revenues and savings to state and federal expenditures on enforcement” said Pete O’Neil, Managing Member of C&C Cannabis of Seattle.

Megan Ready, Sustainability Director with Tyee Farms explains that “the production, processing, and sales of recreational marijuana in Washington State is an unprecedented, greenfield business opportunity. Social, economic, and environmental benefits can be maximized and negative impacts mitigated if our industry adopts sustainability as a business framework.

Ready goes on to say “the potential economic benefits to the public are substantial. Many living wage jobs are being created. Tax revenue, estimated to be in excess of $500 million annually according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington State, will contribute to programs such as Washington State’s general fund, local budgets, health care, and youth drug prevention programs. The infrastructure needs of the recreational marijuana industry create an exceptional opportunity to partner with organized labor.”