The Cannabis Industry Stars Align At Zodiac VIP Party In Las Vegas


It’s been two years since the cannabis industry made its annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for what has become known as “Cannabis Week,” and all indications are that despite renewed COVID-19 concerns the legal cannabis industry is ready return to the Mojave en masse.

With new safety protocols in place from organizers at MJBizCon 2021, including mandatory masks for all convention attendees and larger booths and more generous spacing for exhibitors, and a number of targeted industry events, most notably MJ Unpacked at the Mandalay the third week in October will see Las Vegas as the center of the cannabis universe.

There are ten thousand stories at the Las Vegas Convention Center, no two alike: eager startups looking for money, savvy investors looking for opportunity, newbies looking to pick brains, and biz dev folks looking for deals. One thing they all share is a desire to see and be seen. Networking is the name of the game during Cannabis Week, and everyone knows that the real action takes place outside the gated walls of MJBizCon.

“It’s all about the community,” Farechild Events co-founder Dave Tran explained in a recent interview on Marijuana Channel One. “You have only a certain amount of time when you’re down there and that includes [time for] meetings, it includes taking a walk on the [convention] floor, but ultimately at the end of the day it’s about doing business. Giving people the opportunity to attend one of these networking events — to be able to break bread [with potential partners], this is really where you find out if you are compatible with. each other.”

MJBizCon is the tent pole event of the year for the cannabis industry explained James Zachodni, Tran’s longtime partner and co-founder in Farechild Events, the event production company known for throwing cannabis’ hottest best parties and networking forums.  “We always want to put our best foot forward because it’s such a milestone for everyone to be in the same place at the same time.”

The duo responsible for the DOPE Industry Awards, DOPE Cup and their many notorious ‘Golden Ticket’ parties was challenged to top their spectacular event two years ago at MJBizCon.  “After the last event we did in 2019 at this great venue called The Industrial we asked ourselves ‘how do we top that next time? I had this idea of a zodiac theme and when I brought it to Dave, he was just like ‘oh yeah that’s it man.’”

The Zodiac VIP Party is an invite-only fully immersive experience designed for the elite of cannabis: top executives, business leaders, personalities, social influencers, investors and celebrities. The Zodiac Party theme includes plays on numerology and astrology and will include an “easter egg” treasure hunt.

“As an event producer it’s fun because [we get to create] everything from the marketing to the invitations… all the stuff you can do with horoscopes to the actual production of the event; how we can take those moments and turn them into an activation or a real life experience for people,” Zachodni said.

Why horoscope? What’s the connection between cannabis and astrology?  “We wanted to bring that was on trend,” Zachodni said. “Right now [interest in] spirituality is at all-time high — in pop culture and also something that makes sense with cannabis. There’s a lot of spirituality within cannabis.

Held once again at The Industrial, 330 South Industrial Road in Las Vegas, with Sensi taking the lead sponsorship honors. Participating sponsors include CannaTrac Technology, Inc,  SafeReach, Infusent, My Cannabis Accountant, New Leaf Enterprises, Blunt Bowls and Cultiva Law

For the first time, this year’s event will include live music performances. Featured artists include DJ Kelly J (@djkellyj) from 91.5 KUNV Las Vegas, synth/pop duo New Constellations (@newconstellationmusic) and Lil Debbie (@debbiecakes420).

What’s your sign?  To make it easy for stargazers to connect with compatible astrological signs, guests will receive lapel pins based on their zodiac sun sign. The Zodiac party will be both indoor and outdoor with the primary activities taking place in a giant outdoor circular calendar where each zodiac sign will be represented by a different event sponsor.