Snohomish County Planning Commission Hearing Set For Nov 18th

Jamie Curtismith                           Shawn DeNae   

This is a reminder that the Snohomish County Planning Commission will be given a marijuana briefing on November 18, 2014 (5:30pm-2nd floor of 3000 Rockefeller Ave in Everett). They will discuss council’s draft proposal, Motion No. 14-318 and directing PDS to revise the permanent regulations for marijuana-related facilities. From my understanding, we are allowed to attend, but NOT allowed to testify. However, we can send written comments that will be delivered to the Planning Commission via

Here is a recap of motion 14-318:

Marijuana processing and marijuana production would change from permitted to conditional uses in the R-5 zone. No specific standards are included in the draft.

  1. A new code section would restrict medical marijuana businesses from locating near schools, public parks, and the other sensitive uses where state law restricts licensing of I-502 marijuana businesses.
  2. All marijuana businesses would also be restricted within 1,000 feet of airports and airparks.
  3. New marijuana collective gardens, dispensaries, and access points would be restricted from locating within one mile of existing marijuana collective gardens, dispensaries, and access points, and a maximum of one collective garden would be allowed per parcel.

All the relevant documents and meeting information can be found on the new Snohomish County Marijuana Website:

Just to clarify, the two emergency ordinances upheld at Wednesday’s Public Hearing have already been implemented. Both rulings halted the application process for County permits in the R5 and CRC. 14-086 related to 502 businesses and 14-087 related to MMJ establishments. If you missed the meeting, the three+ hours of public testimony can be reviewed here:

Thank you to everyone who gave compelling testimony and/or physically supported the cause by wearing green. Shawn Denae sent a fantastic overview and ‘next steps’ e-mail a few days ago, so I won’t repeat that here. If you did not receive that information, then let either of us know and we will forward you the suggestions (our contact information is below).

I am working on setting up a meeting between marijuana business owners and John Lovick, the current Snohomish County Executive. He has veto authority, so if we can educate him on the reality of the industry, we may have more leverage on influencing the planning department to make ‘appropriate’ recommendations, but we need to start compiling those suggestions. I will follow-up with e-mails as ideas begin to flow.