Seattle Hempfest Kicks Out Man Trying To Roll World’s Largest Marijuana Joint

Pot Smokers at Seattle Hempfest

WASHINGTON: I came across a story today while I was cruising around the Twittersphere. It appears that a guy was trying to break the record for the world’s largest marijuana joint, but his attempt was thwarted and he was kicked out of the event. Per TheStranger.Com:

“Seattle Hempfest organizers ejected a man from their festival yesterday who was trying to break the record for the world’s largest joint. As you can see in this video that I shot, Hempfest security called in multiple law enforcement agencies to evict the man—who only had a 20-foot-piece of paper and planned to invite people to chip in a gram of pot—as Hempfest staff claimed that the man was attempting to commit a federal felony.”

Below is video footage that is reference in the quote. Three videos total. Marijuana might be legal in Washington State, but remember TWB readers, a world record sized marijuana joint is still frowned upon:

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