Oregon Conference On Cannabis Therapeutics Explores The Endocannabinoid System and Aging

OREGON: Patients Out of Time will bring their clinical cannabis conference series to Portland, Oregon, offering professional training and continuing education credits for doctors, nurses, other health care professionals.

Pre-conference workshops take place on May 8th at Portland University Place Hotel, with separate tracks for doctors, for nurses, and, new this year, for lawyers (offering CLEs), aimed at those who are going to counsel and represent patients, health care workers, caregivers, growers, dispensaries, banks, landlords and others on the myriad of issues arising in this newly burgeoning area of law. The main conference begins Friday morning at the Hotel and continues May 10th at the National College of Natural Medicine .

The theme for The Eighth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics is: The Endocannabinoid System and Age-Related Illnesses. Presentations will focus on the emerging science of the endogenous cannabinoid system and its effects on health as we age.  The baby boomers are reaching retirement age; this conference will promote understanding cannabis as beneficial not only as a medicine for the ill, but also as helpful in preventing many health problems, keeping systems in balance and protecting us from stressors.

The conference brings this information to Oregon at the perfect moment, with new dispensary laws, with the average age of a patient being 58, and The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program being one of the most successful in the nation, with 15 years regulating cannabis for patients, now numbering nearly 60,000.  Noting that the need for this education stretches across all states in the U.S., Mary Lynn Mathre, President and co-founder of Patients Out of Time, says, “Patients Out of Time chose

Portland in part because of that. Clearly, there are many dedicated health care professionals in Oregon and we want to provide them a solid knowledge base from which to help their patients.” The UCSF School of Medicine will once again be the co-sponsor and provide the continuing medical education credits.

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