Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee March 2020 Meeting Notice


OHIO: The Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee will hold a meeting on March 5, 2020.


The Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee is coordinated by the Board of Pharmacy. The Committee may develop and submit to the Department of Commerce, State Board of Pharmacy, and the State Medical Board any recommendations related to the Medical Marijuana Control Program and the implementation and enforcement of the related Ohio Revised Code. Its membership includes the following:

  • Megan E. Marchal, Pharm.D., (Chair), practicing pharmacist and member of the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy.
  • Stephanie M. Abel, Pharm.D., practicing pharmacist.
  • Tony E. Coder, Jr., representing persons involved in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Michael G. Hirsch, representing agriculture.
  • Sheriff John Lenhart, representing local law enforcement.
  • Jason Kaseman, representing labor.
  • Megan Lawrence, representing caregivers.
  • Dr. Jerry W. Mitchell, Jr., practicing physician.
  • Nancy Walsh Mosca, CNP, practicing nurse.
  • Marcie Seidel, representing persons involved in mental health treatment.
  • Dr. Amol Soin, practicing physician and member of the State Medical Board of Ohio.
  • Michael E. Stanek, representing employers.
  • Gary L. Wenk, engages in academic research.
  • Christopher Stock, representing patients.
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