MJBA Founder To Talk Media And PR At King Cannabis Expo

WASHINGTON: Before he founded the influential Marijuana Business Association in 2012, MJBA Founder David Rheins was a successful media and marketing executive, with an impressive track record of brand building at some of the world’s most successful media companies, including Rolling Stone, Spin, and AOL Time Warner.

Rheins is fond of drawing the parallels with his publishing work and his new mission of helping to build the legal cannabis industry.  “The emerging legal cannabis industry is exciting and noisy, chaotic and hyper-competitive,” Rheins told MJNN.  “Tens of thousands of new cannabis brands are vying for consumer attention, shelf-space and market share.  Licensees must navigate complicated and expensive regulations, and are limited in how they market and advertise their legal wares.  Similar to the challenges that faces independent rock & rollers or garage tech startups, today’s legal marijuana entrepreneurs must learn how to effectively stand out from the cacophonous competitive clutter — it’s differentiate or die.”


On Saturday the MJBA founder and executive director will be a featured speaker at the King Cannabis Expo in Spokane, WA, where he’ll speak to an audience of licensed cannabis producers, processors, retailers and brand builders on the topic of  “Managing Your Media and PR.”

Five years ago when I started the MJBA, my mainstream media colleagues thought I was crazy, that I had literally ‘gone to pot.’  Now, those same executives are reaching out looking for unique stories to tell.  That presents a huge opportunity for cannabis companies and thought-leaders,” Rheins said.