Legalize PA Brings Pittsburgh Musicians Into The War Over Marijuana

PENNSYLVANIA:  Pittsburgh musicians enter the discussion on the legalization of marijuana Saturday at Mr. Smalls and — guess what — they’re all for it. Even if they don’t use it themselves.

Hanger Jam: Legalize PA, which features the diverse lineup of Good Brother Earl, BEAM, Truth and Rites, Josh Verbanets and Jasiri X, was initially conceived as a benefit for the gubernatorial campaign of John Hanger.

The former state environmental protection chief, who was endorsed by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), advocated a three-step plan that would begin with the legalization of medical marijuana and make recreational use legal by 2017. He dropped out of the race in March, failing to match the war chest of other candidates, including frontrunner Tom Wolf, a York businessman who contributed $10 million to his own campaign.

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