International Cannabis Industry Leaders To Convene At The CannaTech House In Davos, Switzerland

Screenshot 2019-01-14 08.01.32ISRAEL:  The world’s top cannabis industry leaders will convene in an unprecedented gathering in Davos, Switzerland from January 22-25.  Ehud Barak, former Israeli Prime Minister and Chairman of InterCure, Roei Zerahia CEO CANNDOC, Yona Levy CEO of Alvit and Tefen, Eyal Barad CEO Cannabics,  Lorne Gertner Chairman of Hiku Brands, Jason Warnock CEO of TheraCann and Saul Kaye CEO of iCAN: Israel Cannabis are just some of the industry leaders that will participate at the CannaTech Pavilion events in Davos.

“I am thrilled that CannaTech will be co-hosting the Canada Cannabis House along with the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), OTC markets, and Kapoor Capital in Davos. CannaTech has been widely claimed as the “Davos” of Cannabis conferences and it is an honor to participate there and help regulators and industry giants understand the impact of this emerging industry on a global level.  The burgeoning cannabis industry is poised to revolutionize patient care and the leisure industry and these changes are creating new international ecosystems that will have massive impact, from local farm workers to the world’s largest corporations.  Cannabis is part and parcel of the next wave of globalization and a serious discussion in Davos could not be more timely,” said iCAN’s Saul Kaye.

Schedule of Events:
Tuesday, Jan 22nd 4-6:00 pm

Welcoming RemarksCannabis in the Capital Markets – What’s Getting Funded Next?USA vs. Canada Vik Kapoor & Saul KayeRichard Carleton (CSE), Jason Paltrowitz (OTC), and Dan Daviau (Canaccord); Moderated by James Black (CSE)Bruce Linton (Canopy), Kevin Murphy (Acreage)

Wednesday Jan 23rd 3:00-5:00 pm

Cannabis 3.0The Next Investment Opportunities in Global Cannabis ExpansionHow to Build International Brands in the Cannabis Industry Lorne Gertner (Hiku)Prakash Hariharan (Radient), Boris Blatnik (KannaSwiss), Antonio Costanzo (EMMAC); Moderated byPaul Sparkes (Invictus), Mike Dacks (Plena); Moderated by Mark Goldhar (Civilized)

Thursday Jan 24th 3:30-6:00 pm

An interview with Ehud Barak
10th Prime Minister of Israel
Ehud Barak interviewed by Anthony Scaramucci
Emerging Markets – Asia & LATAM Philip Gu (SCU/Casnnacubed), Stuart Bobrow (Cannahub); Moderated by Raymond D. Harari (Canalis Capital)
Exporting Cannabis Innovation to the WorldCannabis 2020 and beyond Yona Levy (Alvit Israel), Roei Zerahia (CANNDOC Israel), Jason Warnock (TheraCann), Eyal Barad (Cannabics Israel)Antonio Costanzo (EMMAC)


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