High Times Hopes to Weed Out Competing ‘Cannabis Cup’ With Lawsuit to Block Rival Festival

NEW YORK: Whoa, man — a popular Manhattan-based marijuana magazine is trying whack a weed rival. In a federal lawsuit, High Times magazine is charging that NW Harvest Fest is bogarting its Cannabis Cup trademark.

The suit says NW Harvest Fest is holding a Cannabis Cup competition in Bow, Washington this upcoming weekend – the same time High Times is holding its own Cannabis Cup awards in Seattle.

High Times says that’s not cool — and it could “confuse” their devotees.

Like High Times’ own long-running awards, the allegedly counterfeit Cannabis Cup competition doles out prizes for best strains of marijuana and hash.

The mag narced on NW Harvest Fest in federal court in Washington, and is seeking a court order forcing it to change the competition’s name. It also seeks unspecified money damages for the “confusion.”

A rep for NW Harvest Fest did not immediately return an email for comment.

High Times has been holding annual Cannabis Cup events in Amsterdam since 1987, and recently began holding them in Washington and Colorado as well because of new pot-friendly laws in those states.


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