European-American Cannabis Business Conference Is Oct 5&6 In LA

CALIFORNIA: EuroAm CBC is a set of trade-oriented conferences focusing on closer cooperation and trade Exchange between Europe and America. Based upon the success of Cannafest Prague, the largest cannabis trade show in the world, organizers have decided to export the first American edition of the show, taking place in Los Angeles, October 5–6, 2018.

The pilot edition of this international conference was held straight before Cannafest Prague 2017, where it was very well received and the organizers now decided to bring it also to the American shores. “The main purpose of the conference is to connect the traditional European cannabis markets, where some companies have been active for more than thirty years, with emerging markets in America,” says Lukáš Běhal, the founder of the conference and CEO of Cannafest Prague.

EuroAm CBC L.A. 2018 is thematically divided into four sections focusing on Europe, the United States, Canada and South America, and will welcome world-known professionals, who will share their valuable insights into the world of cannabis business. You can look forward to presentations of David Rheins (MJBA), Vin Maru (Invest in MJ), Lukáš Běhal (Cannafest) and many others.

The conference will take place in the beautiful space of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, situated in the heart of Hollywood, along the legendary Walk of Fame. Tickets for are now available in pre-sale.

EuroAm CBC LA is Oct 5&6

EuroAm CBC LA is Oct 5&6

EuroAm CBC L.A. 2018

October 5–6, 2018

Tickets: $200 – $399

Location: The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,

7000 Hollywood Boulevard, L.A, CA 90028