Dorothy Is Coming To The New Mexico State Fair

NEW MEXICO: Dorothy, a three week old female  plant, will make a 10day appearance at the Ultra Health booth at the New Mexico State Fair September 8 through September 18. This will be the second time a cannabis plant has made an appearance at a state fair in the United States.

Dorothy is an indica hybrid from the Purple Fat Pie strain with a strong grape scent. It’s flower produces euphoric effects for medical cannabis patients and is recommended for medical cannabis patients experiencing symptoms from cancer, PTSD, sleeplessness and lack of appetite.

Dorothy only contains trace levels of THC. “Due to the 450 plant count limit, we could only provide one plant for viewing,” Duke Rodriguez, CEO and President of Ultra Health said. “By this time next year we hope to provide a ‘sea of green’ for visitors to enjoy. Ideally, there will soon be a cannabis plant competition for visitors to judge.”

The Oregon Cannabis Growers Fair, an exhibit held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds in August, featured a live plant competition as well as learning opportunities for new and experienced cannabis growers. The exhibit was the first of its kind in the United States.

“We hope that the fair will raise the profile of medical cannabis as an agricultural asset in New Mexico, similar to the Hatch green chile, pecans and p iñon nuts,” Rodriguez said. Dorothy will be located at booth 235 near the entrance of the Manuel Lujan Jr. Exhibit Complex. Products containing only CBD will be available for purchase. These products do not contain THC, the psychotropic compound found in cannabis. Educational materials will also be available at the booth.