At California Pot Convention, Business Is Strong – And Potent

CALIFORNIA: Working from a small booth on the fringes of a trade show packed with thousands of enthusiasts, Sean Donahoe says these are heady times to be in the marijuana business.

“In a gold rush, you sell picks and shovels,” says Donahoe, deputy director of the California Cannabis Industry Association. The young organization is trying to become in effect the Chamber of Commerce of the marijuana business in the nation’s largest state.

At the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, a trade show, judging contest and festival of pot culture held here Saturday and Sunday, sharp marketers were following Donahoe’s business plan. On display was an array of products from pipes and vaporizers used to consume pot to products that aid in growing plants, processing leaf into concentrates, packaging and handling pot, and business services such as legal advice, accounting and consulting.

Donahoe says the marijuana market is exploding with business potential as the weed’s legality and acceptance grow.

“The industry is pretty robust all across the board,” says Donahoe, of Oakland.

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