Marijuana legalization: The blustery crosscurrents of change

With the 2015 session of the Iowa Legislature looming, advocates continue to push for measures that would loosen the restrictions on the use of marijuana or its derivatives in medical treatments.

COLORADO: Colorado Springs is among the cities debating whether to allow retail sales of marijuana for recreational use. New Hampshire may soon be the 19th state to support marijuana legalization for medical use.When it comes to marijuana legalization, the pot-scented winds of change are blustery. It’s sometimes hard to read the prevailing winds.

Marijuana Majority Website Highlights Celebs And Tech Leaders Who Support Pot Legalization


Successful people, not just “lazy stoners”, want pot laws to change. That’s the message of new website Marijuana Majority, which displays over 600 influencers including Peter Thiel, Sean Parker, Paul Bucheit, and Dustin Moskovitz who’ve supported marijuana law reform through donations or quotes. Now it wants Twitter’ers to persuade pot-favoring politicians, celebs, and technologists to stand Read the full article…

Hashville Skyline: How Did Weed and Country Music Get So Cozy?

Nashville supergirlgroup Pistol Annies

If you hear a song called “Hush Hush” on country radio this spring, you might not catch every word, but you’ll likely get the drift. As the lead single from Annie Up, the new record from Nashville super girl group, Pistol Annies, the track orbits a jaw-clenched family Christmas dinner where everyone’s trying to pretend like Read the full article…