Marijuana Legalization by State in the U.S. & More on TakePart Live with Jacob Soboroff

CALIFORNIA: Diane Goldstein of Cops Say Legalize Drugs gives Jacob Soboroff, Cara Santa Maria, Zach Selwyn and Stephen Gutwillig of D.P.A. a law enforcement perspective on marijuana legalization.

Is Marijuana Legalization Inevitable?

Nascar Billboard

CALIFORNIA: The Marijuana Policy Project recently surprised NASCAR fans with an ad pushing recreational marijuana use. The commercial not only mimicked a beer ad to point out the hypocrisy of legalizing alcohol and not marijuana, it also made a case for why marijuana is safer.

State Officials: DOJ Has Given ‘Tacit Approval’ For Legalized Marijuana

COLORADO: Colorado officials say they believe they have “tacit approval” from the U.S. Justice Department to implement voter-approved laws legalizing marijuana.

Garfield County Says No to Marijuana Industry

COLORADO: Garfield County commissioners are saying no to the recreational marijuana industry. The commission voted 2-to-1 on Monday to ban recreational marijuana growing, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities and retail stores in unincorporated areas. The ban will prevent 10 current medical marijuana growers from converting their businesses to supply the recreational market.

Coming Out of the Closet: My Experience with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

OREGON: This past week saw groundbreaking events take place in the drug policy reform movement. Most notable were Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s documentary CNN ‘Weed;’ Attorney General Eric Holder’s announcement of plans to change to the federal sentencing guidelines that could reduce the number of people in federal prisons for low-level drug law violations; federal Judge Read the full article…

Washington may delay new marijuana sales rules

WASHINGTON:  State officials said Tuesday they want to delay for a few months final rules for selling, growing and processing recreational marijuana in Washington state, after hundreds of people attended public meetings around the state to air their thoughts on the proposed rules.

New York City Comptroller Releases Report Calling for Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

NEW YORK: Today, New York City Comptroller John Liu announced the release of a report calling for a system to tax and regulate marijuana for adult recreational use. The report, to be released tomorrow, comes two days after Federal Judge Shira A. Scheindlin condemned the city’s police department’s use of stop and frisk – which has resulted Read the full article…