Uruguay on verge of creating first national marijuana market

Uruguay's first marijuana club seeks to open.

URUGUAY: is poised to become the first nation to create a legal, regulated marijuana market, encouraging growers and sellers to produce enough pot to keep users from depending on illegal drug traffickers.

Marijuana Legalization: What Will the Feds Do?

Ten months after marijuana legalization passed in Colorado and Washington, Eric Holder has yet to react

COLORADO:  According to U.S. Attorney general Eric Holder, an official federal response will soon be forthcoming in regards to recreational marijuana legalization recently enacted in Colorado and Washington.

Colorado marijuana stores likely to be concentrated in few cities

Marijuana shops in Colorado's largest cities
Only one of Colorado's 10 largest cities is expected to start accepting applications for recreational marijuana stores later this year. Another four have moratoriums on store applications that expire early next year.

COLORADO: Call it the pot patchwork. When first-of-their-kind stores selling recreational marijuana are allowed to open in January, they look increasingly likely to be confined to only a handful of communities in the state. Dozens of Colorado cities and counties have in recent weeks voted to ban the stores — and their sibling cultivation and marijuana-infused Read the full article…

Frisco voters to weigh in on recreational marijuana sales tax

the moves do show the increasing legitimization — and commercialization — of the marijuana industry.

COLORADO:  The Frisco Town Council voted to approve a ballot measure that would enable voters to enact a 5 percent tax on the retail sale of marijuana. If approved by voters in the Nov. 5 election, the tax would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2014.

Making Pot a Priority

District of Columbia police officers issued five civil citations for marijuana possession in the week after a new law went into effect that erased criminal sanctions for holding one ounce or less.

WASHINGTON:  When voters legalized pot possession last fall, they also made it a civil infraction to use pot in plain view (just like drinking beer on the sidewalk). But Seattle police decided to give verbal warnings instead of issuing tickets—even though they could have fined violators.

Denver auditor suggests 3.5 percent tax for marijuana sales

Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher in 2006

COLORADO: Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher disagrees with Mayor Michael Hancock’s recreational marijuana tax target, arguing the city should seek a starting tax rate of 3.5 percent instead of the mayor’s suggested 5 percent tax rate.

Bellevue City Council takes steps on marijuana use

A  Hempfest pro-pot march:  When marijuana was legalized in 2012, the cause was boosted by former U.S. attorneys, prosecutors and an FBI veteran.

WASHINGTON: The Bellevue City Council on Monday took a step toward establishing interim zoning regulations related to the legalization of recreational marijuana use, as well as permanent regulations for medical cannabis collective gardens.