Help Re-Legalize Indiana

Levin’s new church may need the money: It’s still looking for a place to lease so it can hold its first church service on July 1, when Levin promises that worshippers “will light up” and fill the sanctuary with marijuana smoke.

Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, pleased to meet you. My name is Bill Levin, and as the Chairman of the Re-Legalize Indiana PAC, and Political Director for Indiana NORML, I thought I’d start off this blog with a report of the state of the Hoosier state, as it pertains to medical marijuana, decriminalization Read the full article…

Pot brownies not 'usable' under Michigan's medical marijuana law, appeals court rules

Edibles and Medibles like these are big business, getting bigger.

MICHIGAN: Baked goods and other food containing THC, marijuana’s active ingredient, are not “usable marijuana” under Michigan’s medical marijuana law unless they contain actual plant material, an appeals court has ruled.

85 Percent of Americans and 40 Percent of The States Support Medical Marijuana Across The U.S.

85% of Americans support the use of medicinal marijuana.

Sliding across home plate… in a cloud of patriotic red, white, and blue dust…New Hampshire can proudly celebrate their joining the club of medical marijuana statesstretched across this great country. In true American spirit, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the other 19 states, which have opted to break free from the federal grip of tyranny Read the full article…

Alaska Medical marijuana provider busted again

Sugar Green owner busted again

ALASKA: The owner of a medical marijuana service was busted for a second time this year after visiting the Alaska State Trooper Post in Palmer while free on bail from felony marijuana charges. Troopers say 43-year-old Adrienne L. Schenfele was leaving the parking lot of the Palmer cop shop after attempting to retrieve property. Schenfele Read the full article…

Forty Percent Of U.S. States Have Now Passed Medical Cannabis Laws

Will New Mexico follow in the footsteps of Colorado and Washington?

With the recent approval of New Hampshire’s medical marijuana legalization measure, 20 states have now passed a medical cannabis law, either through a voter-approved initiative, or through a legislative proposal. It’s worth pointing out that this makes 40% of the entire United States.