Oregon Senate Committee Tweaks Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill

OREGON:  A committee in the Oregon Senate has amended a House-approved bill that would expand the state’s medical marijuana program to license and regulate medical marijuana dispensaries statewide. Two significant changes were made to the bill Saturday by the Senate Committee on Rules following concerns voiced from the Oregon District Attorneys Association, who changed their position on the bill Read the full article…

Landlord Challenges Feds in Calif Medical Pot Case

CALIFORNIA:  The feds never kicked down the door of Tony Jalali’s building and raided the medical pot shops that rented space from him. Letters were sent to him informing him that having a dispensary in his Orange County office building violated U.S. law and it could be taken from him. Once a lawsuit was filed Read the full article…

L.A. releases list of 134 medical marijuana clinics allowed in the city

CALIFORNIA: The Los Angeles City Attorney’s office on Friday released a list of 134 medical marijuana dispensaries that will be qualified to operate under Proposition D, the May 21 measure approved by city voters.

Oregon House narrowly approves bill legalizing medical marijuana dispensaries

OREGON: The state House voted 31-27 on Monday to legalize and regulate dispensaries. The bill goes next to the Senate. Under existing law, the state’s nearly 55,000 medical marijuana cardholders must grow the pot themselves or find a person to grow it for them.