Ohio Board Of Pharmacy Awards Dispensary Certificate Of Operation in Bowling Green


OHIO: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today awarded a Dispensary Certificate of Operation to Soothe, located at 1155 N. Main St., Bowling Green. The interactive map of Dispensaries with Certificates of Operation will be updated within the next 48 hours.

What Licensed Cannabis Businesses Must Know About Insurance

Eric Weisbrot - Marketing Manager

By Eric Weisbrot The cannabis business landscape has come into the limelight over the last several years, with some states making historic moves to legalize its production, distribution, and consumption. However, many eager cannabis entrepreneurs and prospective business owners still face an uphill battle. The federal stance on cannabis makes any activities surrounding the drug illegal, Read the full article…

Understanding The Medical and Recreational Benefits Of Cannabis

Clear Choice and vaporizer

In 2012, the two states of Colorado and Washington sent shockwaves through the United States when they voted to legalize recreational cannabis. With these states legalizing, a domino effect has started around the country. As of 2019, the majority of states now have passed legalizations for recreational cannabis (11 states, including the District of Columbia), Read the full article…

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Introduces 2019 Hemp For Victory Act

House of Representatives

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI-02) introduced H.R. 3652, the Hemp for Victory Act which lays the foundation for the emerging hemp industry in a manner that incentivizes family farmers and small businesses, protects against corporate monopolies, and studies the benefits of hemp cultivation and hemp-based products while ensuring safe agricultural practices, and environmental and labor Read the full article…

Most Popular Glassware For 2019

silicone ice cream pipe

Glassware is a staple in every modern day smoker’s arsenal. From one-hitters to chillums and ornate bongs, we all have our favorite smoking devices. With so many choices, how is a toker to make the right selection?  Here to provide a snapshot of what’s hot in 2019 is our look at the most popular glassware for 2019. Bubblers Read the full article…

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Awards Dispensary Certificate Of Operation In Cleveland


OHIO: The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy today awarded a Dispensary Certificate of Operation to Rise, located at 1222 Prospect Ave. E., Cleveland. The interactive map of Dispensaries with Certificates of Operation will be updated within the next 48 hours.

Alternate Health Reports $1.9 Million Of Revenue In Q2 2019

Alternative Health

CANADA: Alternate Health Corp., an international leader in CBD extraction, product development and distribution, has announced that the company generated $1.9 million in Q2 revenue. “Alternate Health’s Q2 results represent just the beginning of our new strategic direction as we focus exclusively on the hemp-derived CBD industry and, especially, product development and distribution,” says Howard Read the full article…

Seattle Hempfest Threatened With Extinction By Travel Giant Expedia’s Denial Of Access

seattle hempfest logo

Last minute denial of service road expected to negatively impact “Protestival” WASHINGTON: “The Seattle Hempfest is taking place this year but with an extreme burden that will be disruptive to waterfront businesses and locals in the area. Hempfest has made good faith efforts to negotiate solutions, but even the most modest accommodation has been rejected by Read the full article…

A Family of Pioneers In Cannabinoid Medicine Host Their First Seminar In Portland, OR

Doctors Knox

OREGON: An Introduction to Endocannabinology is the first seminar presented by Doctors Knox, a family of physicians pioneering the fields of endocannabinology and cannabinoid medicine. Through their seminar series, the Knox doctors seek to share their expertise in the endocannabinoid system and the use of cannabis as medicine with other key cannabis industry stakeholders to Read the full article…

New Jersey Requesting Applications For 24 ATC Endorsements – What Applicants Need To Know


By: Rosemarie Moyeno Matos, Esq. NEW JERSEY: Hot on the heels of Governor Phil Murphy’s May 2019 announcement that his administration would be moving forward with expansion of New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program (the “MMP”), the Department of Health (the “DOH”) published a new Request for Applications (the “RFA”) for new alternative treatment center (“ATC”) Read the full article…