Florida Sheriffs Come Out Against Medical Marijuana Amendment

They also said teens would not need parental consent to get doctor's permission to have marijuana.

FLORIDA:  The Florida Sheriff’s Association is set to make a large push against the legalization of marijuana. Voters will decide on the legalization of medical marijuana in November. The association sent an email to sheriffs across the state during the winter asking for their support. They said 63 of 67 sheriffs were in favor of Read the full article…

Cannabis And Tobacco Smoke Are Not Equally Carcinogenic

While cannabis smoke has been implicated in respiratory dysfunction, including the conversion of respiratory cells to what appears to be a pre-cancerous state [5], it has not been causally linked with tobacco related cancers [6] such as lung, colon or rectal cancers.

Tobacco has dramatic negative consequences for those who smoke it. In addition to its high addiction potential [1], tobacco is causally associated with over 400,000 deaths yearly in the United States, and has a significant negative effect on health in general [2]. More specifically, over 140,000 lung-related deaths in 2001 were attributed to tobacco smoke Read the full article…

MMJ Now Illegal In Washington State. Yes, Washington State.

The Court of Appeals not only upheld the City of Kent’s ban, it also ruled that operating a medical marijuana collective garden or access point constitutes criminal activity. We fully expect city attorneys in those cities opposed to cannabis will use this Court of Appeals decision to shut down or prevent collective gardens and access points.

WASHINGTON:  The Washington State Court of Appeals just held that medical marijuana activity (even patient cultivation in the home) is illegal under current State law. The long road to this disappointing decision began a couple of years ago when an access point (essentially a medical outlet for medical marijuana patients) and an advocacy group sued the city Read the full article…

Fox Slams NJ Gov Chris Christie’s Pot Brutality and Ignorance


NEW JERSEY: Though Fox news is more or less consistently prohibitionist, Fox correspondent Greg Gutfeld gets it right and shames thuggish Governor Chris Christie on his refusal to stop destroying innocent – and mostly minority – people’s lives for choosing a safer buzz than alcohol.  

AirTHC Aims to Connect Weed-Friendly Homeowners and Travelers


COLORADO: Presumably, folks visiting Colorado for a bit of “weed tourism” will want somewhere to enjoy the fruits of their travels. But until more cannabis cafes proliferate, what’s a vacationing stoner to do? It can be hard to hide the smell of marijuana in a hotel, and most Airbnb hosts make no mention of their pot policies. Read the full article…

Seattle Marijuana Farmers Readying First Crop For Retail Sales

One of Colorado’s largest chains of marijuana stores on Wednesday laid off 65 employees — or about 45 percent of the company’s total workforce

WASHINGTON: Aspiring marijuana retailers will soon learn whether they’ve landed a coveted license to sell pot legally in Washington. And growers are already hard at work to make sure there’ll be plenty of product as soon as possible. At a non-descript warehouse at the foot of Seattle’s Magnolia bluff, thousands of marijuana plants in various Read the full article…

Legalize PA Brings Pittsburgh Musicians Into The War Over Marijuana

Hanger Jam: Legalize PA, which features the diverse lineup of Good Brother Earl, BEAM, Truth and Rites, Josh Verbanets and Jasiri X, was initially conceived as a benefit for the gubernatorial campaign of John Hanger.

PENNSYLVANIA:  Pittsburgh musicians enter the discussion on the legalization of marijuana Saturday at Mr. Smalls and — guess what — they’re all for it. Even if they don’t use it themselves. Hanger Jam: Legalize PA, which features the diverse lineup of Good Brother Earl, BEAM, Truth and Rites, Josh Verbanets and Jasiri X, was initially Read the full article…

Vermont House OKs Legal Marijuana Study

Trisha Conti (left), senior forensic chemist at the Vermont Crime Laboratory, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

VERMONT:  The Vermont House on Thursday passed a measure calling for a study of marijuana legalization, while a Senate committee struggled to find a standard to determine when a driver is impaired by drugs. If the Senate and Gov. Peter Shumlin agree, the legalization study would be focused mainly on the fiscal impact of regulating Read the full article…

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens: Marijuana Should Be Legal

If only our current Justices were as enlightened.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Retired Justice John Paul Stevens made some news in an interview with NPR’s Scott Simon on Thursday. Scott asked him if the federal government should legalize marijuana. “Yes,” Stevens replied. “I really think that that’s another instance of public opinion [that's] changed. And recognize that the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages Read the full article…

Legalizing medical marijuana doesn’t increase use among adolescents, study says

A proposed constitutional amendment from the group ResponsibleOhio would allow Ohioans over 21 to use marijuana, which would be grown and sold by regulated entities operated by 10 individuals.

Parents and physicians concerned about an increase in adolescents’ marijuana use following the legalization of medical marijuana can breathe a sigh of relief. According to a new study at Rhode Island Hospital which compared 20 years worth of data from states with and without medical marijuana laws, legalizing the drug did not lead to increased Read the full article…