Inside the Movement to Legalize Hemp

A pair of Colorado Springs paramedics will open a first of its kind hemp store and grow in Lake George this weekend.

If drug-war crusaders would get out of the way, the harmless cannabis product could become an invaluable cash crop. Jonathan MiIller on the full-court press to legalize it. Its cooler cannabis cousin, marijuana, gets all the buzz—generational bards from Bob Dylan to Snoop Dogg sing Mary Jane’s praise; cancer and AIDS patients declare her glory.

Rand Paul Pushes for Legalization of Industrialized Hemp in New Farm Bill

In a recent poll, 52 percent of Kentucky voters said they are ready to legalize medical marijuana.

As the nation’s lawmakers continue to bore through the details of the upcoming federal farm bill revision, a number of forward-thinking members of Congress are simultaneously pushing for… The antiquated and indefensible prohibition on hemp farming to be lifted as part of its new provisions. And included among these proponents of hemp legalization is Kentucky Read the full article…