ARIZONA: TILT Holdings Inc., a global provider of cannabis business solutions that include inhalation technologies, cultivation, manufacturing, processing, brand development and retail, today announced the Pennsylvania launch of Black Buddha Cannabis, a Black and woman-owned and led, environmentally conscious, social impact driven cannabis wellness brand. Previously launched in Massachusetts, Black Buddha Cannabis is now available across Pennsylvania from TILT’s subsidiary, Standard Farms LLC

“Launching in two key markets is exciting and only achievable with a strong partnership. I value the team effort and collaboration with TILT, as well as our shared commitment to creating space in the cannabis marketplace for quality products from diverse producers,” stated Roz McCarthy, Founder and chief executive officer (“CEO”) of Black Buddha Cannabis.

McCarthy’s vision for Black Buddha Cannabis is to promote optimal wellness across every aspect of life and support each patient to achieve their potential and live with passion and purpose. In alignment with that purpose, the initial offering in Pennsylvania focuses on supporting euphoric and positive effects provided from a sativa-leaning, hybrid flower. The line is called Blyss and is available in an eighth or in a vape of expertly grown, premium cannabis.

“The Standard Farms team’s ability to expand its variety of new brands and product offerings to market indicates the growth and maturity of our operations,” shared Gary Santo, CEO of TILT. “We revamped our in-house infrastructure last year, continually refining it to meet brand partner needs while bringing quality products to Pennsylvania. This is our first launch in the new year for Standard Farms and, based on our established foundation in the market, we expect to successfully bring this exciting social impact driven wellness brand to the community as part of our growing line of brand partner products.”

Dispensaries in Pennsylvania interested in Black Buddha Cannabis or other brand partner portfolio products from 1906Airo“H” by Ricky Williams or Old Pal, should contact our wholesale team to order at